A Member, whether a full Member or Affiliate shall:

  • Uphold the reputation and standards of the Society at all times
  • Encourage the art of dancing
  • Demonstrate a professional attitude in the conduct of their teaching and their dealings with students
  • Strive to develop self discipline and self motiviation in their students
  • Respect the rights of other members at all times
  • Must, if using the CSTD or the Society’s name in advertising, state whether they are a full member or an Affiliate. Note: only full members (i.e. holders of CSTD full teacher’s Diplomas) may use the initials CSTD after their name
  • Take responsibility for seeking further knowledge in dance in order to continually upgrade their teaching skills

A Member, whether a full Member or Affiliate shall not:

  • Canvass students from another teacher
  • Permit students to continue to dance another teacher’s routines without the permission of that teacher
  • Commence teaching within 2 kilometres of another teacher’s studio without first advising that member of their intention to do so
  • Advertise they are teaching CSTD examination work unless entering candidates for examinations
  • Withhold candidates’ examination reports from them for any reason
  • Any affiliate entering candidates for examinations is expected to:
  • Take positive steps towards gaining the Society’s full Teacher’s Diploma within 5 years of their acceptance to Affiliate membership