Vic Exams 2019


Dates:  May Session Commences May 26th 2019
Entries Close: April 21st 2019


Dates:  July Session Commences August 4th 2019
Public Exams August 4th 2019
Venue : Darebin Arts Centre
Entries Close: June 16th 2019
Venue : Darebin Arts Centre

Date :    Convention August 30th 2019
Venue:  The Besen Centre

Dates :  Major Ballet  TBC  Either August 10th – 14th August  or August 17th – 21st 2019
Venue:  TBC Melbourne City Ballet or Ministry of Dan

Date :    Examination  Results Collection Day & Meeting September 8th 2019
Venue : TBC

Contact: Lauren Downie at