1. Examination entries will only be accepted from financial members of the Society.

2. The examination fees must be paid to the organiser in each state or country when called for.  Official schedules of current fees on the CSTD website, www.comdance.asn.au. and entry forms from  the state examination organiser

3. All examination fees are non-refundable. Candidates who fail to attend the examination at the appointed time will also forfeit their examination fee.

4. All candidates enter these examinations at their own risk. If a candidate is pregnant, they are required to provide the Examiner with a medical certificate confirming that they can participate in the examination without posing a risk to their health or the health of their child.  If they cannot provide a medical certificate, they will not be permitted to complete the examination.  The Society is not responsible for any harm suffered by a candidate or their child if a pregnant candidate participates in the examination.  A pregnant candidate can request that an examination be deferred until they are medically cleared to participate if necessary. However, acceptance of the deferral is at the discretion of the Society.

5. A candidate with an injury must produce a medical certificate stating that he/she is capable of demonstrating all of the required syllabus steps and movements.

6. If an injury precludes a candidate from demonstrating any part of the syllabus, they must request the examination be rescheduled to later in the session of examinations (i.e. deferred 1 – 4 weeks) or to the following session of examinations.  If the examination is deferred, the entry fee is not forfeited.

7. No correspondence or verbal discussion will be entered into regarding the Examiner’s report.

8. Examination reports will be issued to the teacher entering candidates for examinations.

These reports must be passed on to the candidates by the teacher entering the candidates and under no circumstances may be withheld by the teacher.  The reports issued by the Examiner are the property of the candidate examined.

9. If a candidate passes an examination he/she may not enter the same examination again.

10. The applicable age is the age of the candidate as at the 1st of January of the year of entry for the examination.

If the candidate becomes the age for another level between the 1st of January and the 31st of December of the examination year, he/she has the option to sit for that higher level (subject to any other pre-requisites for that examination).

It is the teacher’s responsibility to ensure that the candidate is entered for the correct examination level.